Duplicacy Web Edition 1.0.0 is now available [Announcement] (17)

https://acrosync.com/duplicacy-web/duplicacy_web_installer_win64_1.0.0.exe https://acrosync.com/duplicacy-web/duplicacy_web_osx_x64_1.0.0.dmg https://acrosync.com/duplicacy-web/duplicacy_web_linux_x64_1.0.0 https://ac…

CLI 2.2.0 has been released (impact on the Web GUI) [Announcement] (2)

The new CLI release is available at Release Duplicacy 2.2.0 Command Line Version · gilbertchen/duplicacy · GitHub. If you’re a Web GUI user, next time you start/restart the Web GUI, it will automatically download this n…

Duplicacy User Guide [How-to] (5)

Getting started Duplicacy licenses (free and paid) Download Duplicacy or Build Duplicacy from source Quick Start tutorial (GUI version) Quick Start tutorial (CLI version) Supported storage backends Duplicacy Command…

Use the like button! [Site Feedback] (2)

Likes are an important metric for discourse to distinguish useful from less useful posts, e.g. when compiling digest emails or producing search results (I think). Unfortunately, the old support forum did not have likes …

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