2.7.2 Validate that a repository id can only contain

v2.7.2 change: Validate that a repository id can only contain letters, numbers, dashes, and underscores:

I have a bunch of repository ids with a dot “.” character in name. Is there any way to fix it? I tried renaming the folder inside snapshots and got:
Failed to decrypt the file snapshots/source.code/1: cipher: message authentication failed.

That change is only effective when you’re create a new repository id, i.e., in the init and add command.

For existing repository ids with other characters, you can continue using them and no change is required.

I see. I guess its way I’m doing things. I backup certain directories to more than one repository - that have different pruning rules, … and I actually re-init each time I run duplicacy.

Just a small correction, to avoid mistakes with the nomenclature used by Duplicacy and its respective configuration:

I backup certain repositories to more than one storage.

You can modify the id key in the .duplicacy/preferences file after the init or add command.

Thank you. For a quick solution, in my scripts, I just did the init with the 2.7.1 binary and use 2.7.2 for everything else. Not elegant, but it worked.