Check says repository intitialized, backup says not


Hm. I do not seem to be having a good start with duplicacy. I am using the linux CLI because the web-ui wasn’t working, I’m having to use


just to get duplicacy to run, then

root@xxxx:/home/chris# duplicacy backup -stats

Storage set to /media/chris/Maxtor/duplicacy/
The storage has not been initialized

but then this:

root@xxxx:/home/chris# duplicacy check
Storage set to /media/chris/Maxtor/duplicacy/
The storage has not been initialized

And this is what I see in the repository location:

root@xxxx:/home/chris# ls -lsart /media/chris/Maxtor/duplicacy/
total 12
4 drwxr--r--   3 root root 4096 May 31 11:32 ..
4 drwxr--r--   3 root root 4096 May 31 11:32 .
4 drwxr--r-- 258 root root 4096 May 31 11:49 chunks

And that chunks directory has many two character named subdirectories.

I appreciate that I didn’t pay a lot for duplicacy but this isn’t a good start. OK, can someone suggest how I can get it working? TIA, Chris


Your title says that duplicacy check says the repository has been initialized; but that’s not what your post shows. The output from backup and check appears to be consistent.

How did you initialize the repository/storage and did you receive any errors while doing so? Did you delete any files from the storage directory afterwards (the config file specifically)? I think the config file is what Duplicacy uses to determine if the storage has been initialized.

Is /media/chris/Maxtor/duplicacy/ on a USB device? I ask because sometimes USB devices don’t generally behave like they’re supposed to – arguably moreso than other storage options.

I and others have the web-ui running just fine in a variety of environments, so if you wanted to troubleshoot what’s going wrong in your environment (in a separate/new thread) I’m sure someone would be happy to help you get the web GUI running if that’s what you wanted.


No config file, yes, on a USB drive. Surely that’s a mainstream backup option and I’d expect a reasonable backup program to do better than give two contradictory messages. Web-ui gave “error 2” messages for everything as I remember it and another post here was answered by someone suggesting I should use the CLI. The support seems to be volunteer only and, a bit like the program, one person is recommending one thing, one person is recommending another.

Sorry, this really, really isn’t feeling like the professional software with well tried and tested gui working on Windows, Mac and Linux that the web site suggests.


Can you post an example of the contradictory messages? Both of your examples show the same message: The storage has not been initialized.

Sure, but if the USB drive malfunctions (for example, says it wrote a file but doesn’t and doesn’t report an error), an application’s options are limited. I don’t know if this is what happened, but I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that a USB drive didn’t live up to expectations.

Did duplicacy init report any errors? How did you initialize the repository/storage?

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