Confusion: wasabi versioning vs duplicacy versioning

I’m new to s3 kind of storage and I’m not sure how versioning works. I know that you can activate versioning in wasabi storage which I guess is separate that the one of dulicacy. So if I prune my backup all prune data will stay in the storage …is this correct?
Or in other terms which is the best approach when using duplicacy and wasabi (or s3 kind of storage)? Should I keep the versioning in wasabi or let duplicacy do its good work?

I don’t use s3/wasabi and i’m only saying this from memories: you should disable all retention/versioning/bling bling from s3/wasabi.

Duplicacy does it’s own file management and therefore the storage shouldn’t.

I think you should also disable automatic snapshots/automatic deletions (if there are such features).

… with the caveat described here:

Please note that if you back up multiple repositories to the same bucket, the lifecyle rules of the bucket is recommended to be set to Keep all versions of the file which is the default one. The Keep prior versions for this number of days option will work too if the number of days is more than 7.

This is about Backblaze B2. I’m not sure if this is applicable to S3/wasabi backends.