Dropbox storage with web 1.0 Interface

I found no way to use Dropbox storage as we did in the OSX standalone version?

Looking in the :d: web user guide i see when you add a storage that there’s a “More” button. Doesn’t that have dropbox inside?

We have only Microsoft OneDrive, OpenStack Swift and WebDav in this list. At least in Mac OS Chrome the list is not scrollable?

Pinging @gchen here since i can’t properly check this.

FWIW I don’t see a Dropbox storage option in my instance of the web UI either.

The web GUI doesn’t support Dropbox. Mostly because Dropbox did poorly in GitHub - gilbertchen/cloud-storage-comparison: Performance comparisons of cloud backup storages as Duplicacy backends, and doesn’t allow multiple threads.

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Please add support for Dropbox as a back-end in the web GUI front-end. It may be slower but it works fast with Duplicati. I was about to buy a GUI license but found out that it didn’t support Dropbox :frowning: .

In the meantime, can we use the CLI to set-up the back-end with Dropbox, and still use the web GUI to manage such backups?