Duplicacy decided that the license is expired and stopped backing up. Silently

Duplicacy_web on macOS silently decided that its license has expired (it hasn’t!) and stopped backing up three days ago. Silently.

The only reason I noticed is by lack of fans flaring up. I guess another unfinished featured of CPU throttling saved me here.

I could not find anything relevant in the logs.

so, I have two questions:

  1. What diagnostic can I provide to figure out why did it decide that the license has expired? I’ve activated it again with the same license code and it of course accepted it. Maybe server-side issues? The machine in question is called Malachite if @gchen wants to look up the server side history in my account.

  2. Duplicacy should use macOS notifications mechanism to notify users that something like that has happen and it can’t backup. And keep nagging users until they either disable shedule or fix licensing (or any other issue preventing the backup). (Not really a question, just a wish)

Can you check the log ~/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log? There should be something about refreshing the license in that log file.