Failed Backup Indication is hidden

I’m running the web 1.4.1 version
Well, it’s not really hidden but…
Every time we boot our computers at our house we get the nice duplicacy web interface screen popping up in our browser.
However… the way our network is configured, backups do fail occasionally (typically the NAS is disconnected). And you cannot easily tell this from the first screen that pops up in the browser.
I have found the easiest way to check is to click on the “Backup” tab and to look down the IDs to see if each ID completed it’s last backup… “Failed 16 hours ago”. Oh that’s not good, and then I fix the issue.
But my regular users (aka, my wife) is never going to do this, so she doesn’t really see if her backups have been successful.
The UX feature request:
Put at the top of the first page some clear indication of whether the last backups failed or succeeded. Right at the top somewhere, so the user doesn’t have to scroll down or click on another tab, etc.
Currently, there is a box at the top that says I have “Backups 3” and that “3 scheduled”. It would be cool if it gave me a bright red indication that 2 of the last 3 have failed…

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We could change the color of the systray icon and sen a system notification.
But some people hide the systray icon and don’t care about notifications

But your best bet is to config email alerts or better yeat use the integration.
It will alert you of any failure.

Check this New Feature: JSON backup report


Those are all OK ideas… but why not make the failure obvious at the top of the default web page?