Get Licenses: Promotional code (activation code of existing license) isn't applied

I have two personal (GUI) lifetime licenses and would like to buy a 3rd one (Personal/GUI as well), initially as a 1-year license and then upgrade it on Black Friday to a lifetime one as well.

When I go to the “Get Licenses” function at Duplicacy and enter the one of my activation codes as my promo code, I still get offered a price of $20 for a 1-year license. In fact I can enter any characters as activation code and that’s the price I’m offered. However according to the info on that webpage the price should be $10 for an additional 1-year license.

Am I missing something or is the Get Licenses" function a bit buggy at the moment?

Sorry this is a bug – the server program didn’t recognize the license code if the license is lifetime one.

It should be fixed now.

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