Help with RAM usage for 30tb folder

Right. The init command initializes a new storage. When you add the storage via the web ui on a different machine it will recognize the storage as already being initialized.

This is likely caused by a stale web page. Refresh the page and you should see the backup already gone.

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I want to say thank you gchen! Everything is working great so far and I will be purchasing!

Quick question, best practice for backing up multiple directories…
Every directory gets its own seperate backupid correct?

And also, I want to be able to backup all the directories at 1AM. So I set up a single schedule and just add the multiple backups, but do I set them all to run in parallel? If I don’t and another backup is not yet finished, and the time comes again, will it just be skipped, or does it automatically just go to the next folder once the first one is finished?

Thank you again very much, your software has been the best!

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Generally I would avoid running multiple backups at the same time, because each back job may require a large amount of cpu, disk, and memory usage. All jobs in a schedule will get a chance to run after the schedule is started – that is, a schedule won’t be aborted to restart for the next scheduled run.