How to access GUI from another computer on same network?

I already have Duplicacy running on one computer, but I also wanted to backup files from a second one. I just bought another license, but I’m not sure how to access the dashboard on the new computer. The first computer is running Windows 10 and the second one is running Mac OS, if that makes any difference.

I followed these instructions but it didn’t seem to work for me. On the Windows computer, it changed the address to “localhost:8080”. Entering this in my browser didn’t work on my Mac computer, neither did finding the local IP address of the Windows computer and trying to use that instead of localhost in the URL. So yeah, I’m a bit confused on how to fix this.

Also, neither computers are servers so they won’t be on all of the time. And ideally if possible, I’d like to be able to access my Duplicacy dashboard if my first computer isn’t available or working if that’s somehow possible as well.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

The port for the Web-UI is actually 3875 by default, not 8080.

  • So first make sure they you can access the Web-UI locally at localhost:3875 on each computer.
  • Then check that the configured http address in the setting is
  • Then determine the actual IP address of computer A and see, if you can connect to it from computer B. If not make sure they the firewall settings of computer A allow TCP port 3875.
  • Then try the same thing in reverse (determine IP address of computer B and try to connect to it from computer A).

Not that it is helpful to make sure that all computers you’re trying to connect to have a static IP address, so you don’t have to spend time determining it each time you’re trying to connect.

Thanks for your response. I know the default port is 3875 but I followed the tutorial I linked to which says to change the port to 8080 (or any number but just to test I chose the same one they did). Anyway, to try to troubleshoot the problem I deleted the settings file which changed the port back to 3875 and followed your instructions.

Couldn’t get it to work from computer A to B; it tries to load for awhile and then gives me a “timed out” error. When I tried it from computer B to A, it worked with no problems. Not sure why this is.

  • So what OS is computer B running? Is that the one with MacOS?
  • Can you ping computer B from computer A?
  • Please check the Duplicacy settings of computer B to make sure they the http address is and not something like
  1. Yeah, computer B is running Mac OS Catalina.
  2. Not sure how to interpret ping results but it said this (minus the parts with the IP address)

Packets: Sent = 4, Received = 4, Lost = 0 (0% loss),
Approximate round trip times in milli-seconds:
Minimum = 46ms, Maximum = 273ms, Average = 159ms

  1. Checked that, and it still doesn’t work.

Well, that was just to test the network connection. There could be bazillion reasons why it doesn’t work. I’m not a Mac user myself, but I’m assuming that - like Windows - MacOS also has a built-in firewall. So you would need to allow incoming connections on port 3875, at least in your home network.

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I’ve had the firewall disabled on the Mac the whole time, so I don’t think that’s it. Darn, well I appreciate your help regardless.

If I could figure out how to access/restore my files in case the first computer isn’t accessible and also backup some files from my Mac, that would be good enough.

So, to re-iterate:

  • The listening address in Duplicacy web settings is and you confirm that you can connect to it from the same mac at on the configured port Via http; and that port number is above 1000, e.g. 3875.
  • Mac firewall is off for now.
  • there are no other firewall devices between the machine you are trying to reach your Mac from and that Mac
  • you can ping your Mac from that other machine (I.e you are using the IP address that is routable in that network and it is in fact your macs address. Confirm that in network preferences.