How to start from scratch (CLI)?


Is there any guide how to start from scratch to create a backup? Do I have to save the password in the config file in clear text to not type it every time for the encrypted storage ?


I have used the following for the token

“keys”: {
“gcd_token”: “/path/to/.duplicacy/gcd-token.json”


Did you find the ‘Getting Started’ section here GitHub - gilbertchen/duplicacy: A new generation cloud backup tool and the user guide for the cli

No idea about the password. I’m also finding it annoying to have to type both the path to the key (sftp storage destination) and password for each backup. Makes it hard to think of automation. Haven’t really looked for solutions yet though.


This section explains how you can store passwords somewhere to avoid entering passwords every time. If you don’t like clear text passwords then your only choice is gnome-keyring on Linux or Keychain for macOS. On Windows we implemented a simple keyring utility based on Windows crypt api that does not save passwords in plain texts but it not as safe as gnome-keyring or Keychain.