Is erasure coding for Online storage providers recommended?

I have set up erasure coding to back up to my external hard drive. I understand it is better to be used in this case, or to back up to a NAS for an example.

However I am not sure whether I need to use erasure coding for online storage. Most (and probably all) would have some replication and possibly also use erasure coding, although it is more difficult to find out whether an online storage provider uses erasure coding.

In my case I back up to OneDrive Personal. I am unsure whether I need to use it for OneDrive. I read that they use replication (at least 2x) but do not know if the implement erasure coding (although I imagine they would. considering the amount of data they would need to manage and maintain a good reputation, both for personal and business customers).

Is it recommended to use erasure coding for Online storage providers, at least the major providers like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Dropbox, Box, pCloud, B2, Amazon etc.

Appreciate your thoughts on the matter.

When there is already replication, erasure coding provides additional protection but it is not 100% fail safe. So I think there is really no need to enable erasure coding for online storages as all of them should have some kind of replication in place.


Thank you for your comment. I have just been trying to understand the risks and benefits of erasure coding with online storage.

I think I will go with a hybrid solution where I will use erasure coding for my most important, never to lose, files, and the rest of my files without erasure coding. It will require two storages and a bit of extra management but not to much once it is setup. However the peace of mind will help me sleep at night :slight_smile: