Is it possible to only backup newer versions of files?

For example, there a copy of a project on two machines. One machine modifies Script A and does a backup. The other machine modifies Script B, then does a “duplicacy diff” on the latest revision. The diff returns that the local version of Script B is both different and newer, and also that the local version of Script A is different but older. When this machine does a dry run of a backup however, it reports that it will backup the local Script A despite it being an older file.

Is there a way to have the backup command check the files that will be uploaded and exclude the ones that are older than the ones in the latest revision (and therefore have been edited on a different machine/ by somebody else), or will this have to be done manually?


(I may not have explained this in the best way, but hopefully you can see what I am asking about :slight_smile: )

That would not be a backup then and create a lot of confusion and eventually result in data loss

Backup is a snapshot in time of the state of the repository. When you restore snapshot version 2772 all files in the repository must revert to the state they were at the time snapshot 2772 was taken. If only newer files were to be backed up it would be impossible to restore your repository to the state it was at a time or backup; defeating the point or a backup and breaking a core expectation.

You seem to need two separate solutions: sync to keep your files updated and backup to create versioned history of changes.

Or keep distinct backup history for each repository: because unless you sync them they are different repositories and backing them up to the same snapshot id will result in various issues with data consistency: Different revisions will correspond to a state of a different repository and it would not be possible to tell which is which.

In other words, don’t backup different repositories to the same snapshot id. This will avoid your issue and not break your data.


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