Is this a proper schedule?

I’m just getting started with Duplicacy as I’ve had some trouble recently with Duplicati.

I’ve created 2 backups for my IDrive e2 and set them to backup daily in the Schedule. In the same Schedule I also set a Prune followed by a Check.

Is there any issues with how I set this up or should I have Prune and Check in their own schedules?

Since you’re only doing daily backups, that seems fine I guess.

Personally, I’d separate out the check and prune - mainly because my backup schedule is every 2 hours. My prune schedule is once a day too, and it’s usually wise to bundle it with a check.

My only other suggestion would be to add the -vss flag to both backups.

Click where it says -threads 4 and change it to -vss -threads 4.

This is because certain files in the user profile are often always open and unreadable, VSS allows the system to read those files. You’d have to make sure Duplicacy is running as an administrator or system service for this to function.

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