Issues using filters with duplicacy web edition



I have some issues to use filters with duplicacy web edition.
I used the include command to add a common filter file with this line added in the exclusion file :


In the file c:\Users\userxxxx.duplicacy-web\filters\filters, I have this line (with many others) to exclude cache files


Full file is here
filters.txt (1.7 KB)

But despite this, I still have these files backed up


2019-02-25 14:57:14.857 INFO UPLOAD_FILE Uploaded AppData/Local/Cisco/Unified Communications/Jabber/CSF/Photo Cache/0140018530%40octavf2%2Eb2gaas%2Elocal%5FActiveDirectory_raw.temp (448813)
2019-02-25 14:57:14.913 INFO UPLOAD_FILE Uploaded AppData/Local/Microsoft/OneNote/14.0/OneNoteOfflineCache_Files/5273e1fd-51c0-4978-b06f-b2d159de7a3e (12824)
2019-02-25 14:57:14.935 INFO UPLOAD_FILE Uploaded AppData/Local/Mozilla/Firefox/Profiles/6ja5ol6c.default/cache2/entries/003B434E84ED68B9D17D2D84024390B9D47A9572 (17684)

As the filter file I’m using is a standard file, I suppose the error isn’t in the file itself, but on the way I used to include it in my config ?

Make it possible to include a file in the filters file

I could be wrong, but I don’t think filter includes (referencing another filters file) were a thing (yet).

You may have to add the filters to each repository.

My suggestion would be to use the web UI to create a placeholder filter for each repo - those filter files seem to be named .duplicacy-web\filters\localhost\0 etc. - then find and edit that file with your favourite text editor.


I understood from this topic : Make it possible to include a file in the filters file that this is now possible to include a file of inclusion/exclusion.
Did someone already use this ?


The PR Filter extension by a-s-z-home · Pull Request #514 · gilbertchen/duplicacy · GitHub has not been merged so this feature is not available in the current release.


Is this feature already planned in the roadmap ?