Let users define default command options for each repository

Continuing the discussion from Backblaze B2 optimum number of threads and chunk size?:

I’m liking @Droolio’s idea of using the set command to let users define the default thread count for each storage via the set command and I’m thinking that idea could be generalized to any command option (such as the new -nobackup-file option.

Perhaps the easiest way to implement such a feature would be via a new file in the . duplicacy folder. Perhaps it could be called defaults and contain something like

backup -nobackup-file -vss
init -e

I realize that this is not quite thought through yet, since init is probably only done once in each repo, so it doesn’t make sense to have a default for that. Also, I still don’t have clear picture in my head of the different types of options in duplicacy and when/how they are set (and don’t have the time to look them up right now) but I hope you get the idea of where I’m heading.

tl;dr make it easier for users to set certain parameters once and for all so as to not have to worry about them again (like using nobackup files or encryption).


Duplicacy definitely needs a way to set sensible defaults like what UNIX /etc or .rc files do. At the moment there is lot of duplication in the command options every single time to run the very same command.