Move from sftp to webdav

All my backups are running with sftp.
I like to change them to webdav. Storage is the same
Do I have to completly reinitialize them or is there any kind of short cut in changing the protocol but keeping the encryption and the files?

I think what you want to do is copy all the revisions.

All is explained very nicely here:Back up to multiple storages.

In short: what you want to do is:

  1. create the destination folder on webdav
  2. add the new webdav storage to the existing repository:
    duplicacy add -e -copy default -bit-identical webdav-storage my-repository-id webdav://username@server//path/to/storage
  3. copy the existing backups from your current (default in my example) storage to webdav-storage:
    duplicacy -v -log copy -threads 20 -from default -to webdav-storage
  4. wait

Do note that step 3 will take quite a while, depending on the size of your storage. Maybe you could try increasing the # of uploading threads from 20.

You may also want to prune your sftp storage before copying everything, or maybe copying only a few revisions at a time instead of the whole thing in 1 HUGE take.

Only the transfer protocol should be changed path and files remain the same. Is there no way to use the existing revisions and chunks and just change the protocol? As I understand your solution I have to retransfer all the files?

Ah, sorry, i missed this part.

If you say that the storage is physically the same, then i guess you don’t need to do all that i said above.

This is only a belief not 100% sure, but all you should do is change in the preferences file the storage (chage sftp with the webdav equivalent).

Then go ahead and run a list, and eventually a check just to be sure.

What I also suggest is backing up (making a copy) of the preferences file, so that in case something’s wrong with the modified config you can go back to the existing one.


Seems to work so far, I will provide feedback after backup finished.
Did not thought that it is that easy! Thanks!
this did the trick! backup finished.
This is one thing I like on duplicacy
It sticks to “keep IT simple”

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