Older Duplicacy releases


Version 2.0.5:

  • Retry on authentication errors for Google Drive
  • Fixed inaccurate restore statistics that mistakenly take existing files into account
  • Enhance the B2 storage backend to retry on 3xx status codes
  • Fixed a bug that caused backup to fail due to incorrect file size
  • Fixed incorrect progress report during restore
  • Verify ids of snapshot chunks before uploading them
  • Save incomplete snapshot from an interrupted or failed backup to allow the next backup to resume quickly


Version 2.0.6:

  • Fixed inaccurate progress statistics during backup
  • Increased HTTPS timeouts for overloaded Hubic servers
  • Fixed a bug that caused a size -1 error
  • Fixed a bug in the fixed-size chunking algorithm
  • Improve OneDrive backend by retrying on various errors
  • Full sparse file support for both backup and restore


Version 2.0.7:

  • Updated Azure storage backend to support retrying on temporary errors
  • Restore now preserves empty directories
  • Fixed a chunk not found error caused by Windows drives with data deduplication on
  • Fixed a bug that caused truncated files not to be restored correctly
  • Enable caching for networked drives (must select the same storage again for this to take effect)


Version 2.0.8:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the entire repository to be restored when only a single file or directory is selected


Version 2.0.9:

  • Fixed OneDrive 503 errors by sending GET requests with a nil body
  • Fixed symbolic link handling on Windows
  • Update the s3 storage backend to use aws/aws-sdk-go version 1.10.41
  • Improved retrying mechanism in the GCD backend


Version 2.1.0:

GUI changes:

  • Support multiple repositories
  • Improved restore workflow
  • Support Wasabi, DigitalOcean Spaces, and minio
  • Allow anonymous login for sending emails
  • Hide the main window on start if the user default or registry value HideOnStart is specified
  • Allow the CLI to use the https proxy specified by the user default or registry value ProxyServer

CLI 2.1.0 changes:

  • Retry on temporary network errors in the Azure backend
  • Added an OpenStack Swift backend based on github.com/ncw/swift
  • Fixed a bug when both tag and the retention policy are specified for the prune command
  • Fixed bugs in restoring extended attributes
  • Unload the extended attributes from last snapshot in order to save memory
  • Limited derivation keys to 64 bytes since snapshot file paths used as keys may be longer
  • Fixed a bug that caused -hash to have no effect
  • Correctly handle spaces in file paths for the B2 backend
  • Improved the Hubic backend to retry on various errors
  • Fixed a bug that caused -hash to have no effect
  • Don’t download a fossil directly; turn it back to a chunk and download the chunk instead
  • Add a -storage-name option to the init command to specify the storage name
  • Add the global -profile option to enable profiling via http
  • Allow the -bit-identical option to the add command to copy the config file as it is
  • Disable caching when restoring files in SnapshotManager
  • Removed aes128-cbc from the supported ciphers by HiDrive
  • Refresh expired tokens unconditionally on authorization errors for Hubic and OneDrive
  • Fixed a bug that prevents the file specifying the chunk nesting levels from being loaded and parsed
  • Fix the GCD directory creating bug; only save directories in the id cache
  • Remove existing config and save a local copy when changing the storage password
  • Create the storage folder on gcd storage if it doesn’t exist

CLI 2.0.10 changes:

  • Optimize the copy command to skip chunks existing on the destination storage
  • Add the -dry-run option to the backup command
  • Include storage name when looking up passwords for non-default storages
  • Fix prune bug when last snapshot is removed for issue
  • Add regex matching to include/exclude filters
  • Add the -tabular option to the check command to show tabular usage and deduplication statistics
  • Improve the backoff algorithm for the Google Drive storage
  • Use b2_download_file_by_name rather than b2_list_file_names to check file existence
  • Retry downloads with corrupted content up to three times
  • Use random salt and make the number of iterations configurable for storage key derivation
  • Add an -ignore-owner option to skip setting uid/gid on restored files
  • Unify the chunk nesting level to 1 for all storages
  • Fix a bug in splitting the existing file that caused all chunks to be redownloaded
  • Add a -bit-identical option to the add command to make a bit-identical copy of the config file
  • Increase the timeout for shadow copy creation on Windows
  • Various changes to improve password management

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