PaloAlto Traps blocking Mac Web-GUI as malware

Based on very initial testing the command line seems to work.

This is the result from VirusTotal

It passed all virus detection engines, but I don’t know what OS X Sandbox: TROJAN means.

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All those detection services and signatures generate a sea of false positives and require constant babysitting to maintain them and keep them half-relevant. You may contract Palo Alto and submit for review — at least Sophos has the miscategorization submission web form, maybe those guys have one too.

for the Trojan — I guess some smart antivirus figured that since the web frontend downloads an executable and launches it - it has to be trojan! Well, technically it is I guess :slight_smile: maybe this technique is frowned upon by default.

Edit. Quick search found this: Live Community - Re: How to report false positive if I'm not a cust... - Live Community