QNAP App - How to select my actual datafiles?

Hello all,

I did a quick search but did not come up with anything on this. I am new to Duplicacy and have recently installed the app on my QNAP NAS.

All has gone well thus far but I have two questions:

  1. When creating a backup I am noticing that It is only picking up the NAS OS files, and not my data volume inside the NAS with the contents that I wish to backup, I have attached an image for reference. Which one off the list do I need to select so that my data volume is backed up, or alternatively how do I point Duplicacy to my data volume as opposed to seeing the NAS OS files ?

Available Directories|690x488

2.When I setup my Storage, I accidently did not set it up as encrypted storage, now when I create a new storage I am no longer asked to set it up as an encrypted storage, which is something I would like to do, how would I go about this ?

Many thanks.!

Hi. You will find your folders below the /share root folder. Just click on the /share folder and select your folder. Note that you can select just one folder.

Additional note: if you are running snapshots on your folders, exlude this folders from the snapshots and recycle folder. The rules for this are looking like this in my configuration:


No clue about your second point, sorry.


Thanks for your reply. I got that part sorted now.

However when I press the play button to commence the backup it fails and the explanations is

Running backup command from /share/CACHEDEV2_DATA/.qpkg/Duplicacy/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/0 to back up /share/TaxReturns
Options: [-log backup -storage KIMSNAS -stats]
fork/exec /share/CACHEDEV2_DATA/.qpkg/Duplicacy/.duplicacy-web/bin/duplicacy_linux_x64_2.7.2: no such file or directory

When I was setting the Backup, the Backup ID field could not be populated as I would get an error, as per the below image:

Any ideas ?

Be sure that version 1.5.0 is installed: https://forum.duplicacy.com/t/duplicacy-web-edition-1-5-0-is-now-available/4761/4?u=gorlen, since AppCenter still shows version 1.4.2 for installation.

If you’ve been running version 1.4.2, check that only one duplicacy_web process is running, because that version doesn’t kill duplicacy_web when stopped/restarted.

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Thanks I have installed that just now, though it does not fix my above problem. Even though I know I can give my BackupID its own name, still seems to fail.

duplicacy_linux_x64_2.7.2 is the CLI executable which should be automatically downloaded when the web GUI starts. If you go to the Setting page, does it show the CLI version or is there any error message?

You can stop the Duplicacy app and then start it again. This will force it to re-download the CLI. If the restart doesn’t fix it, check the log file /share/CACHEDEV2_DATA/.qpkg/Duplicacy/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log and look for error messages there.

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Good news, managed to get it sorted, seems that for some reason the API ID was incorrect on Duplicacy, hence the issues.

So I have it running and communicating with the storage (Backblaze & Dropbox). However one thing that puzzles me is that the backed up files on Backblaze or Dropbox are appearing in the Snapshots folder. However I just want the backed up files to appear on Backblaze/Dropbox as they would on my NAS in the storage directory.

Fortunately I solved my last question myself after doing some further reading.

Only other thing I noticed is the Storage Stats page. It is not populated, I did then see a hint that states “Run a check job to retrieve stats”

I had a look around the control panel and could not see where I can initiate a check job. Any idea ?

On the Schedule tab, either add a new schedule (green plus icon at the bottom) or add a new ‘Check’ job to an existing schedule (green plus icon in the top right, next to the clock icon).