Reinstalling OS - How to Backup Duplicacy Settings / Profiles?

Hello there!

I want to reinstall my OS, my question is: how do I backup my Duplicacy settings / where are the settings located? Can I easily reimport them on a new setup?

Thanks in advance
~ bear

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What OS specifically?

Assuming macOS, look under ~/.duplicacy-web for duplicacy.json, settings.json, and filters.

And the same for windows:

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Thanks for the response! Unfortuntately I can’t find any settings.json file in the .duplicacy-web Folder. Is this file needed?

There are two folders under:

C:\Users\[your user]\AppData\Local\
C:\Users\[your user]\

I think settings.json is generated only when you customize the installation. @gchen can confirm (or not).

Thanks for your reply! The AppData-Folder actually contains the software itself, no settings.

I forgot to mention: it’s because I use a slightly customized version, and in this case there is a json configuration file and related icons in the AppData folder.

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