Restore a USB drive


I setup a repository on a USB drive, so that I can backup the files on the USB drive to a local folder location (for testing purposes).
I could perform the backup without problems.

However, how can I restore files from the backup location when the USB is disconnected. The software says that the “ERROR: repository has not been not initialised”. This is an issue because if the USB drive is not available/not useable (i.e. lost, stolen, damages, corrupt etc.), I will not be able to restore the files.

Also I think the same issue would occur for any removable repository (eg. network drive, or other virtual drive)

I am hoping this is just a user error here, so would appreciate some guidance.



Ok… no need to respond to this.

This is essentially procedure describe here at “How to restore from scratch?”

I tried this and it worked.



Glad that you figured it out. I should have made a FAQ page.