Restore failed: Failed to decrypt the chunk cipher: message authentication failed; retrying

Oldest one from 2019

Newest one from last month:

Unfortunately not :frowning:

a lot of manual work…

Not all .tmp files necessarily indicate you have corrupted chunks. I’m assuming here, but where you have a .tmp file with a chunk ID (file name) corresponding with a chunk file without the .tmp extension - that’s where you may have a bad chunk and maybe a bad backup snapshot. The .tmp files aren’t normally seen by Duplicacy, and their presence doesn’t mean you have a corrupted chunk or backup. The problem you have is with the chunk files that were ultimately renamed from .tmp to non-.tmp.

All you have to do is keep running the restore, with debugging enabled, to a temporary location. Duplicacy should skip files that were restored in a previous run, so it should be quick.

When you encounter a bad chunk, add the corresponding filename to the exclusion pattern, then do another restore. I doubt you have that many bad files TBH.