Should -fossils be default for `duplicacy check`?

In the IEEE paper and on the “Lock-free deduplication algorithm” explanation, it’s stated that:

A restore, list, or check procedure that reads existing backups can read the fossil if the original chunk cannot be found.

However, on the duplicacy check page, it states that

By default the check command does not find fossils. If the -fossils option is specified, it will find the fossil if the referenced chunk does not exist.

This implementation seems to imply that in rare cases, duplicacy check (without the -fossils option) will error even though the repository is sound because a chunk was marked as a fossil even though it’s still being referenced. Am I understanding this correctly?

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Yep, that is my understanding too. Relevant past discussion:

Ah, thanks for confirming. Just making sure I was understanding the pseudocode in the IEEE paper correctly. I’ll make sure to always run with -fossils.

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