Unraid speed drop off

Hey everyone!

Super new to Duplicacy, and just had a few quick questions regarding speed.

Part 1: So as the title says, I’m using unraid paired with Duplicacy to backup my files to a google drive business account. When I’m starting my initial backup for a large folder (Movies and TV around 10tb) I get really fast speeds, around 200mbps, but from there it just continues to get slower over the course of an hour or so until it drops to around 3mbps. Is there any known fix for this? It was originally going to take 9 days to finish the backup, but now with the 3mbps, it says 70ish days.

Part 2: So I decided to let it run overnight to see if my speeds would pick up, I went and checked in the morning and it said it was aborted, which I defiantly didn’t do. I saw someone else having this problem but I can’t seem to find that article now. Wondering again if this is a quick fix.

Thanks in advance for your help!

Use more threads.

Also, consider limiting your bandwidth for the initial backup to stay under the daily upload cap. Your backup job will fail if you try to upload at 200 mbps for an entire day since that’ll upload more than Google Drive’s daily upload cap.

See this thread:

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Okay this all makes total sense now.

A follow up question: So because I’m using the GUI to backup, how am I supposed to format my commands and which options do I put them inside of?

Would it look like this?

Command options: -threads 8 and -limit-rate 8680
Global options: empty

or visa versa, or am I just completely wrong all together?

Thanks again!

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The command options is the correct place. It should look like this after you’re done.


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Check the log file ~/duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log. There might be an error message explaining why it was aborted.