Uploaded file but failed to store EOF

if you want i can compile it for you in a few hours, once i reach home

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Oh that would be wonderful. Even better… if you had the patience… if you could help ME understand how to compile it that would be great… then I could change the retry count myself and maybe a couple other things I sort of would like to have.

I have a mac though–

Buliding from source from a different branch is no easy task, so i think you shouldn’t do it if you don’t know git. Just take my word on it please.

  1. help: How to Write Go Code - The Go Programming Language and Build Duplicacy from source

  2. download and install go and git and make them available in PATH

  3. set $GOPATH to whichever directory you want to use as workspace (if you don’t do this, go uses the default location: ~/)

  4. in cmd go get github.com/gilbertchen/duplicacy/duplicacy
    3.5 wait until the command finishes (it has to download A LOT) of sources needed for building duplicacy (libraries which duplicacy depends on)

  5. after the download is finished, cd to the folder $GOPATH/src/github.com/gilbertchen/duplicacy (see the similarity with the above github path? -> this is how go manages libraries and dependencies). There are all the sources for duplicacy.
    4.5 if you want to build a different branch from master, now it’s the time! you have to pull the remote branch which has the changes you need into local master – I recommend using a good GUI: Sourcetree but you can do it from cmd as well. (you monster)
    (note that i’m not giving any tips on how to git. it’s a complex program which can’t be explained in a short tutorial. and if you try it you will need help. this is between you and google – this is why i suggested sourcetree)

  6. now that you have the sources, you have to actually compile duplicacy: go install github.com/gilbertchen/duplicacy/duplicacy

  7. compiling should take no more than 10 seconds. You will find the executable file in the folder $GOPATH/bin/duplicacy.exe


Anyhow, here’s my build of Retry on EOF errors in the SFTP backend by gilbertchen · Pull Request #489 · gilbertchen/duplicacy · GitHub : https://drive.google.com/file/d/17j28FfLCtCAQHqhR-j_fFOu3LqVTBgoV/view?usp=sharing

I’ve updated the related guide with a details: Build Duplicacy from source


So quick question… yeah… I do not know git.

If I go through these steps… will I be able to simply edit a go source file, change the retry count, and recompile a local copy for now?

I do know how to write code… just not sure if these steps are going to download the source local such that I can modify it or not.

Thanks again!!!

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I guess you’re not a programmer per se, you just learned whatever gets the job done?

I’m thinking this because if you were working as a programmer than the steps mentioned above would be familiar no matter the language :stuck_out_tongue:.


In the guide Build Duplicacy from source – see steps 3, 4 and 4.6 which state exactly that.

I am a hardware designer (analog IC). I write a lot of C but it is simple… no revision control and no git or anything like that- :slight_smile:
Thanks again!

no probls.

If something isn’t working properly, you could either comment here, or on the pull request there, so that gchen fixes it.

:face_with_monocle: ?

pretty funny! :slight_smile:

Hi @TheBestPessimist

I went to download your build at the google drive link but it seems to not allow me in… does that make sense? Should I “request access” or something? Thanks sir!!!


(here it is again: duplicacy with sftp rety -- for kevinvinv.exe - Google Drive )

Just one more question @TheBestPessimist, is this a windows build or a mac build? I see the .exe and my mac doesn’t want to run it… I assume it is a windows build?

Thanks sir!!!

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Yep, i’m dumb and that was for windows. :blush:
What about this one, which should be for mac: duplicacy for kevinvinv take 2.exe - Google Drive

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Yikes, I FINALLY got back to this… the binary prompts me for a path to a keyfile… that is new… I see @gchen at one point thought it was a bug and I presume it has been fixed since you kindly made this binary for me.

I guess at this point, I will wait for the new GUI to be released and the new CLI that @gchen mentioned the other day… hopefully this will include sufficient SFTP retries and things will start working.


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Same situation with SFTP server with web windows version

ERROR UPLOAD_File Failed to upload the file snapshots/... 1: Uploaded file but failed to store it at ....
1: failed to send packet header: EOF
INFO INCOMPLETE_SAVE Incomplete snapshot saved to C:\Users\......

Trying several times - still this error
It comes almost to completion and gives this error.

Network is working (connecting with sftp client and upload to this folder complete without any problem)
Another job to same SFTP server completed without any errors.

How can I try to fix it?

In snapshots folder for this job i find many tmp files. maybe delete this files ?

Is your SFTP server Synology by a chance?

Yes - Synology. It’s a trouble ? ) Another job backup to this SFTP stored without error.
I was completely delete the job, and start back up again. About 8 hours remaining )

Welcome to the club :slight_smile: Synology modified their SSH/SFTP server so it does not exactly conform to what’s expected of it.

The quick fix would be to add another / after your URL; e.g. sftp://user@synobox.local//Backups/Duplciacy

Don’t delete the job, just modify the URL everywhere. you find it (don’t remember exactly where web-ui stores it; but duplciacy CLI expects it in preferences file)

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I don’t know about it :slightly_frowning_face:

Too late - I already deleted it :grinning:

I correctly understood that instead of now


I should have


in web it’s stored in json file

I agree, that is not ideal. Here are prior discussion on this::