2 repositories in same target location : I have to juggle with config files to avoid "Chunk xxxxxxxxx can't be found"

I’m almost there with my backups and very happy with the performances. Definitely going to buy the product at the end of the trial.

I have 3 repositories in one Gdrive folder. The first 2 repositories were created in the same target folder while the 3rd one was created on a separate USB disk and uploaded to the Gdrive folder.

As a result I have 2 config files and I need to replace them if I want either the first two backups or the last one to work. Otherwise I get an error “FATAL Chunk xxxxxxxxx can’t be found”

I’m sure I did something wrong. Is there a fix for this?

Thanks a lot

If these 2 config files were created independently then it is hard to fix it. I think the best you can do is to first separate chunks into different storages, then restore the backups one by one in one storage and backup them again to the other storage. These are the steps:

  • keep config1 in the original storage
  • add a second storage using the -copy option (which is now compatible with config1)
  • run copy command to copy backups to the second storage
  • replace config1 with config2
  • run ‘duplicacy prune -exhaustive -exclusive’ to remove chunks has been copied to the second storage
  • add a third storage using the -copy option (which is now compatible with config2)
  • for each revision in the second storage, restore it and the backup to the third storage
  • now copy all backups in the third storage to the original storage