2021 Black Friday Offer: Lifetime Personal Licenses (ended)

Our Black Friday offer is now alive! You can now upgrade your existing personal licenses to lifetime ones. After you log into https://duplicacy.com/licenses , select the licenses that you want to upgrade, and click Renew existing licenses. On the next page there will be an option for lifetime upgrade.

The price for the upgrade is basically the price of a 10-year license minus the amount that you’ve already paid. Therefore, a lifetime license would cost $65 for the first license, and $28 for each additional license. If you own one 1-year license, for example, you’ll need to pay $65 - $20 = $45 for the upgrade. For each additional 1-year license, you’ll need to pay $28 - $10 = $18 for the upgrade.

Please make sure that the amount shown on the license order form is correct before purchasing. If you see anything wrong please reply below.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Edit: this offer has ended. For those who missed it, don’t worry; we will definitely do it again next year.


I just upgraded to a lifetime license, but the expiry date still shows Jan 2022. I paid via PayPal, in case that makes a difference.

Sorry about that. I’ve manually changed the type of your license and it should show correctly now.

It is a bug in the paypal payment flow. I’m fixing it now.

Thanks, it shows Lifetime now!

The paypal bug has been fixed.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

If I wanted to add an additional lifetime license to my existing licenses, do I purchase a 1-year license then renew it to lifetime?

Am I supposed to get to payment information screen immediately after clicking “Renew Existing License” button? I am getting “Duplicacy License Order” prompt instead, where I had to enter my name again (strange, since I already have license with this name) and also enter my license number as promotional code - but I already checked the box against that indicating that I want to review it…
I get to Payment information next, but when I click PayPal button I get “Invalid promotional code” popup - it doesn’t let me pay for it. Tried in two different browsers…

====== Edit:
It worked when I left promotional code blank. This is very confusing renewal process - why would it prompt for name if license is already assigned to the name…

Is there a way to purchase a lifetime license without upgrading an existing license?

There may not be. But it doesn’t really matter, because you just buy a 1-year license and immediately upgrade to lifetime. Since the cost of the lifetime upgrade will take your 1-year license price into account, you’ll pay the same price. It’s just the minor inconvenience of doing two transactions.

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Once I have upgraded my license to lifetime, I can’t seem to get the discounted pricing for additional licenses.

big thx for doing it again :love_you_gesture:

i can’t seem to buy ‘additional’ licenses even though i already have one, by which i mean it still wants to charge me $20 for another license (and then $10 for ones added beyond that) even though i already have 1 license already.

bleh must read FAQ.

Hi there, I had gone to make an order, but don’t see any option for lifetime licences? do I have to put in a promo code or something?

you need to select the license type (probably personal) and continue on to the payment page, it will be at the bottom of the list, under 2/3/4/etc years.

This is for buying a brand new licence and have set to personal. under licence price, the highest I see is 5 years. so I guess select that?

oh brand new. right, i think it’s covered above. you need to buy a normal 1 year license, then you can immediately ‘renew’ it and then the option for lifetime will show up.

so I would have to make 2 transactions? or could staff just manually edit my license with the upgrade option and I pay the difference? or is that what I’m doing basically? pay for the 5-year licence then upgrade that as per the original topic?

don’t buy a 5 year license, buy a 1 year license. then upgrade it as in the topic.

Got it sorted. so yes, buy the 1-year licence, then go and renew, and select the lifetime option, and pay for that. it’s the same licence key as the 1-year option. now activated on unraid.

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I’ve just tried using PayPal to upgrade to lifetime, but I got an “Invalid Token” error - the money is showing as pending on PayPal, so I don’t want to try again - will this eventually go through?