32bit Duplicacy Web

Before you post: have you tried searching the forum? If you have found related posts that didn’t quite solve your issue, please mention (link) them in your post. - Yes, searched but couldn’t find a Download Link.

Hi Guys! looking for a 32bit release for use with my 32bit only Windows Acer Tablet.

i have searched this forum and found references to one existing but cannot find a Viable download link! and would love to buy another license for it as im already using 6 machines already.

Other question, could an admin change something within the License page for me thats killing my OCD as it doesn’t match the other “Company/Name” even if they are only Personal Licenses.

one out of the Bunch doesn’t actually match and its annoying me! thanks kindly everyone / Admins.


We don’t have a 32bit release for the web GUI – I’m not sure if I should add that for the next release, as there are some memory issues with 32 bit go programs in general, especially on Windows.

I’ve changed that.

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Hi Gchen,

You are a total hero! its the simple things i know! :slight_smile:
And as for the 32bit, im gutted but if it isn’t possible, i totally understand!

only have 60GB to upload with a 50/50 split of Internal Storage and an SD Card.

Thanks again! appreciate the assistance with the above!