Activation code entry?

It wont back up, says my activation is invalid or expired. Ive looked everywhere in the web interface and cant find anywhere to input the activation code. I reinstalled my OS not too long ago, and my license is good till 2022. Why is the means to fix this hidden so well? I’m a computer tech and can’t find it

It’s on the backup page, click on the link “localhost”

If your host name changed — you can update it in their acrosync account.

I agree, the placement of that could be better. If anything — the link to update license must be on the same message that complains about it.


i have the same issue except when i go to the backup and click expired… which is odd because it wasnt expired until november of 2021… i put in the code and it just sits there and does nothing… its the only computer i have that it does this on

The log file ~/.duplicacy-web/logs/duplicacy_web.log may have some license related log messages.

it looks like every three months at exactly the same time it has this in the log

2020/09/26 16:00:01 A new license has been downloaded

then it just stops and no longer does that anymore…

okay so i took the file licenses.json out thinking i could just put the license back in

this time instead of expired it says unlicensed and the log spit this out

2021/01/11 16:28:41 Failed to request a license: This computer is not eligible for the 30-day trial

click on unlicensed and put code in… it just sits there… does noting

Does that computer have internet connection? Can you PM me its public IP address?