Add a flag to keep restoring files at all costs, no matter what

Background: I’m trying to restore stuff from a mac backup to an external hdd, and i get the following error:

2019-09-30 19:47:50.291 ERROR RESTORE_SYMLINK Can't create symlink pokambrian/Google Drive: symlink /Users/pokambrian/Google Drive File Stream/My Drive /Volumes/zzz-macpiu-pro-restore/duplicacy/pokambrian/Google Drive: input/output error

Currently, all i can do to restore is try to add to the restore ignore list each file which fails to be restored (possibly thousands of) and restart the process.

Feature request: I think there should be a flag instructing :d: to keep restoring files at all costs no matter what.


And then output a txt file with all files which caused errors

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