Add command and passwords

A simple question: when creating a new storage for copying, using the configurations of an existing storage with the -bit-identical option, using the command:

duplicacy add -e -copy source_storage -bit-identical copy_storage rep_id storage_url

Does the new storage password need to be the same as the original storage?

No, the -e option will ask you for a new storage password. The storage password is used to encrypt the config file only, and the -bit-identical option means the unencrypted content of the config file will be copied over.

I’m not sure I understood…

So, even if I set a new password for the new “copy-storage”, the contents of the config file from the original storage will be copied unencrypted to the config file of the new storage, is that it?

The -e option, in this case (copy with -bit-identical), is unnecessary?

I have compared the two (encrypted) config files and they are completely different by viewing them in binaries or even as text.

Sorry I wan’t clear on this. The -e option will copy the decrypted content of the config file and then encrypt the same content with the new password.

Ok, so just to confirm: if I create the new storage with the -bit-identical option, even with two different passwords, it will be possible (if necessary) to synchronize the backup storage with the copy storage.

In principle I intend to execute duplicacy backupto the first storage (local) and duplicacy copy of the local storage to the remote storage. Just in some exceptional case I would use an Rclone sync (for example), between the storages.

Yes, the config files will be different but the decrypted contents should be the same. All other files in the storage, chunks and snapshot files, will be identical so rclone is guaranteed to work.