Adding a 2nd computer to backup to the same storage

I am adding a 2nd computer to the same storage. I am at the stage below in the setup process.

Configure the storage
The storage has been initialized with a password. Please enter a unique name for the storage and the password below.
Storage Name--------------

I entered the same storage name as the 1st PC and entered the encryption PW for the 1st PC. However, nothing happens. it does not go to the next step of the setup. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Kofi

Is this in the webgui or CLI?

When you say nothing happens - what do you mean? Can you post screenshot?

It is in the webgui. Thanks, Kofi

It normally goes to the next step which is the storage screen. see below

There is supposed to be an ADD and BACK button at the bottom of the screen. Clicking the ADD button takes the setup to the next step, But there is no ADD and BACK at the button. See below. Thanks.

when I skip the storage step and go to backup it states
“The storage name ‘’ can’t be found”

Looks like some browser shenanigans with determining the hight of the window.

Can you clear cache or try different browser?

That popup is supposed to have buttons on the bottom indeed.

I cleared the cache of my chrome browser - same issue.
I then switched to edge browser - same issue.
Thanks for your help.

Edge and Chrome are essentially the same browser. Any weird content altering extensions you might have installed?

Try Firefox?

I have 2 extensions: proper menu bar and share link via email. Also, when trying edge I got this info just before the CONFIGURE THE STOARAGE screen.

“ill-formed server response”
Would like to know your thoughts before trying firefox. I am not computer savvy, but it seems it may not be a browser issue. Because, I started from scratch this am with the 1st win PC using chrome browser and all went well. It is baffling the 2nd win PC is misbehaving. Thanks.

I’m not sure what could be wrong. I’m not using chromium based browsers anywhere, so I don’t have experience with their behaviour.

Trying Firefox, that uses different engine, is a quick way to rule out browser vs windows vs anything else, such as perhaps application firewall, issue.

It worked using firefox browser, however, 1st run was aborted. See backup and check logs below. I did not add a prune job for PC#2 because info in forum suggests PC#1 prone job is enough.

Running backup command from C:\Users\kaduw/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/0 to back up D:/D2/KAW
Options: [-log backup -storage D-D2-KAW-B2 -threads 4 -stats]
Duplicacy was aborted

Running check command from C:\Users\kaduw/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/all
Options: [-log check -storage D-D2-KAW-B2 -a -tabular]
Duplicacy was aborted

Corrupted duplicacy CLI? Antivirus blocking the CLI from running?

I started a 2nd run while waiting for your response. It is still doing the backup job. The check job is done and good. Will keep you posted. Thanks a million times for all your help. You are a genius.

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As a follow up, I have run several scheduled and unscheduled backups and all is well. Thanks again.