Alert if no recent backups?

I just had an issue recently where no backups had run for a few days due to a keychain/keyring issue where the master password wasn’t stored anymore I guess?

Upon entering it manually, everything was fine again but there was a solid week where I had no backups and I filter out any “success” backup emails so I don’t see multiple successes every day.

I would like to request a feature - at least for the WebUI version, if there’s no recent backups for X days, send an email alert. This would prevent the issue from going on longer if I hadn’t noticed it manually.

Thanks in advance.

You can enable the Send report after completion option for each backup and enter a URL which can point to a monitoring site such as This way even if the web GUI stops running for any reason you’ll still get notifications.

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So I just set this up but I have like 30 different backup jobs, which means I would need a business account at $20/mo to monitor all of them.

Is there a way to get the same feature on the schedules instead of individual backup jobs themselves?

My throught process here would be if a schedule fails to run it’ll be picked up by and alert me, and allow me to condense my 30 checks into about 3 instead.

I didn’t want to use the e-mail to because if there’s a failure it’ll still ping it as being done, which doesn’t help, I’d rather have the failure email in my own inbox.

Hoping for a “send report on schedule completion” checkbox alongside the send email.

Thanks in advance.

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Wanted to check back in on this to see if it’s possible to request that this feature be added to schedules as well.

Email credentials are also encrypted by the master password, so without the master password the web GUI can’t send out notifications via email.

That’s why I was hoping to have the web report sent on the schedule too, without emailing.

That way we can setup with schedules instead of every separate backup job.
I’m really only concerned if my schedules run (and complete) or not on a regular basis.

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