Allow collapsing and reordering of entries

All cosmetic suggestions:

  • allow collapsing of entries in all tabs (backup, schedule, storage)
  • allow reordering of entries in all tabs

I wanted to post this right now too, especially the reordering.
Maybe adding moveup/down arrows, just like those for the jobs within a schedule, could be an easy solution (i.e. no compliated dargging of stuff required)?

My work around to the ordering is to manually move the blocks in the JSON file (backup a copy before you do) and then restart the service. Not ideal but works for the ordering.

However, I do have jobs that consist of a long list of tasks (e.g. 20) and I would very much like to have the job (in Schedule) collapsed. When it’s running, just show the Stop button, the task being run and the progress bar. When it’s not running, just show the Play button, the configured schedule, and the count down to the next run.