Allow Option to Have No Expiration or Longer Expiration for the Administration Password



Preferably, I would like the administration password to not expire at all since the data I am housing isn’t protected information and the password is very extensive and secure. If this is not an option, I would at least like the option to have the administrator password not expire for a longer period than 7 days (such a month or a year). For this feature, I formally accept full responsibility should a bad actor get access to my administrative credentials.


Administration Password Expiration actually means how long the current administration session lasts without entering the administration password again. After the expiration time you are required to re-enter the administration password but you’ll never need to change this password unless you change it on the Settings page.


I find that to be a Really Bad Name. A more useful (and expected one) would be : auto-logout timeout.


Or simply Administration Session Expiration