Amazon Cloud Drive



Are you going to implement the Amazon Cloud Drive?


We don’t officially support Amazon Cloud Drive, but we do have a storage backend that works with Amazon Drive.

If you want to give it a try, you’ll need the CLI version to initialize the storage. First, go to to download a token file, and then run the CLI version with the init command to initialize the storage. The storage url should be like acd://path/to/storage. Also, remember to encrypt the storage by providing the -e option to the init command, otherwise Duplicacy will not be able to connect to that storage when you run backup or any other commands.

After you initialize the storage with the CLI version, you can switch to the GUI version and select the repository. The storage url will be automatically loaded.


Here is what happened with the Amazon Cloud Drive storage backend:

We started the development at a time when Amazon Cloud Drive was open to third-party developers. We created a a new API key (or security profile in their terminology) and whitelisted the security profile so that it can be used by Amazon Cloud Driver users after authorization. However, we made a mistake when whitelisting the security profile – the permissions weren’t enough to read all files. We should have requested for clouddrive:read_all but we got `‘clouddrive:read_other’ instead, which means that plain text files are not accessible by Duplicacy. Most files stored to the storage by Duplicacy are binary files, except for the ‘config’ file when the storage is not encrypted. Therefore, our security profile works only if the encryption is enabled.

After we realized the mistake, we created a new security profile but found out that there wan’t any option to whitelist the security profile. We contacted the Amazon Cloud Drive team who told us that there was no way to modify the permissions of a security profile after it has been whitelisted, and Amazon Cloud Drive had just become invitation-only so we had to request for an invitation only. After answering several questions they turned down our request. This was a surprise at first but it was understandable – Amazon Cloud Drive is targeted at personal users and Duplicacy has no way to prevent business users from using it. However, this leaves us in a strange position – on one hand we have a working security profile (if the storage is encrypted), and on the other hand they can block our security profile any time, especially considering the fact that it was acquired before their approval was needed. Therefore, we decided to not officially support Amazon Cloud Drive, but you can use it at your own risk.


Hopefully you can chip away at this… $60 cdn unlimited is a real steal. Unclear if there’s a glass ceiling on this.


Resurrecting this thread.

Is the amazon drive support broken? I’m attempting to add (encrypted) repository and get “too many requests” error:

mymac:Test me$ duplicacy -d add -copy yandex -e -bit-identical amazondrive testdrive acd://duplicacy
Reading the environment variable DUPLICACY_AMAZONDRIVE_ACD_TOKEN
Enter the path of the Amazon Cloud Drive token file (downloadable from
Too many requests; retry after 604 milliseconds
Too many requests; retry after 1881 milliseconds
Too many requests; retry after 2658 milliseconds