Are configs compatible when using both duplicacy CLI and duplicacy-web concurrently

On this forum, a lot of the advanced usage scenario instructions seem to use duplicacy CLI. Is there an article outlining how to use both duplicacy-web and -cli in a way that they share the same config and don’t step over each other? I couldn’t find it in the FAQ, though after much gnashing of keywords I did find this article [1] which makes it seem like it’s difficult/brittle.

Could someone comment if this is a commonly supported scenario? Or is this kind of usage perhaps covered in a duplicacy-utils package?

[1] CLI and WebUI - why don't they know each other?


I also found this [2] and was reminded of my original questions:

  • “Are configs compatible between -web and -cli usage”
  • "Can a .duplicacy folder be ln -s'ed to the corresponding ~/.duplicacy-web/sub/tree"

[2] Web Gui can't open existing repository

Web GUI cannot import or inherit the CLI directory but you definitely can use CLI manually if you started with web GUI: