Auto-fix Missing Chunks


  • -autoFix Flag that allows duplicacy to attempt to regenerate the missing chunks in a snapshot from the files they are associated with.
  • When combined with the size check option discussed as a possibility here, auto-delete the 0 byte chunk files and attempt to regenerate them
  • Report if any were not able to be regenerated, but keep running the check until all missing have been attempted

One of the most common problems I’ve come across is an issue that ends up resulting in missing or otherwise corrupted chunks. This can be solved by removing the affected snapshots, or attempting to regenerate them by temporarily changing the backup id noted here Fix missing chunks which would result in a much longer initial backup.
The goal is to have the least intervention and the quickest recovery time once the backups start failing. Additionally for those who run checks regularly, this would add an extra level of robustness and trust in the backup system as most wounds would heal before they can cause a problem.