Auto-pruning does not work, only when manually backing up

When manually backing up instead at intervals, the prune is working. But if i disable that and run backups at set intervals(30mins currently anyway) the prune command never runs and all last backups keep being stored.

The prune command only runs after the first backup of the day – it doesn’t make sense to run it multiple times per day since the retention policy is specified with day as the unit.

The prune command literary never works when set at intervals. Also not at the first backup of the day.

But i only tried hourly and half hourly backups.

I am stuck with loads of backups, but if i then disable intervals and go for manual backup, it prunes according to the prune day setup. But prune never runs during intervals.

If you wait until tomorrow – the prune command will run after the first backup of tomorrow but not after other backups.

You can also test it quickly by changing the first backup time. For example, if the current time is 11:15am and you want one backup every 30 minutes, then set the first backup time to 11:30am and the prune command will run after the 11:30am backup.

it does not. i still have multiple backups of single days that go a week ago.

While my backups are scheduled to keep 1 day if older then 1 day.

When manually backing up and disabling the interval, it will prune all those days away and keep 1 snapshot per day, like it probaly should…?

You may have hit a flaw in the scheduling algorithm. If the backup starting at 11:30pm takes longer than 30 minutes then it will skip the backup at 12:00am and the next scheduled backup will be start at 12:30am. However, the 12:30am backup will not be viewed as the first backup of the day so the prune command will not run.

If you change the first backup to 12:30am or 1:00am it should work better.

But i do not leave my computer on 24/7. I login in the mornings or afternoons, so the first backup will only start after about 10:30 on its earliest. Secondly, my backups never take more then 30 minutes.

Then you should set the first backup time to 11:00am or something close to that.

i still would consider this a bug? If turning on your pc at other times, it will never prune…

Yes, this is a bug. The new GUI version I’ve been working should fix this bug.

So this is fixed, right?

I believe this has been fixed in 2.1.0.