B2 Connection does not complete

So a simple B2 test…

D:\Documents\letters>duplicacy.exe init 123_docx2 b2://homer-media
Enter Backblaze account or application id:xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Enter corresponding Backblaze application key:yyyyyyyyyyyyyy
download URL is: https://f002.backblazeb2.com

Then nothing… no transfer…
Authentication must be working, as if I deliberately mis-enter the application key, I get an authentication warning.

Try adding the -d option:

duplicacy.exe -d init 123_docx2 b2://homer-media

This should show why it gets stuck.

Apparently Adblock was the culprit. blocking backblazeb2.com.

All seems well now, and I discovered I need to assign storage names when I have multiple backups from the same repository going to different storage sites, otherwise the “default” is used. Hopefully my learning curve is flattening. Thank you.

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