B2 error codes and backing up



I noticed that very occasionally, the B2 backup will say something like, “URL request blah blah returned status code 503”. Duplicacy appears to continue with other files, afterwards, seemingly as normal. The B2 account is fully paid-up, and I have tons of bandwidth up/down, and nobody is streaming Netflix from 15 PCs on the LAN.

Does this mean that that particular file wasn’t backed up, and will duplicacy pick it up the next time a backup is scheduled?


See here for an explanation of 503. This is normal.


Just to add to this: I got some 503 errors on a backup after I had accidentally killed a backup mid-stream and had to restart. Ran duplicacy check -files to make sure nothing was corrupt and am glad to say that neither my heavy hand nor the 503 errors harmed the snapshot!

FWIW, B2 says:

503 means: service_unavailable, Call b2_get_upload_url again to get a new auth token.

And that’s exactly what duplicacy does (though it doesn’t test specifically for 503 errors).

Hmmm… now that I think of that, I wonder if it would be good to do better error checking there? For example, 401 and 403 are not recoverable in this way. Maybe it doesn’t matter?