Backblaze URl in GUI allows folders but then doesn't support them



I incorrectly thought B2 would support folders like S3, so in the GUI I entered:


The GUI was have to store that, but the backup was actually stored in:


It would be nice to have folder support, since Backblaze allows only a limited number of buckets/account. However, if not, could the GUI validate the URL?

Storing in different folders in same b2 bucket

Ok, the URL validation will be in version 2.0.7. The folder support will be added to the todo list but it will be a low priority one (unless more users request it).


Still no Backblaze B2 folder support despite the fact that the GUI still accepts “b2://bucket-name/folder-name”. :disappointed:
It’s interesting that all other Online Backup solutions with B2 are having folder support, even the completely free Duplicati.