Backing up S3 (Cloudflare R2) to Google Drive using duplicacy?

Hi, is it possible to use duplicacy alone to back up a remote location to another remote, in my case S3 (Cloudflare R2) to Google Drive (with the ability to restore vice versa)?

If not natively, what’s the best way to do it?

I tried rclone in the past but it was so much slower than duplicacy Duplicacy demolishes duplicati and rclone for large backups.

Mount the remote backup with rclone and backup with duplicacy. But there could probably be better approaches depending on your actual usecase, such as server side snapshots

  1. It’s apple and oranges: these two tools are designed for entirely different purposes, comparing the speed of them doing two different tasks is meaningless
  2. Speed of backup is irrelevant, as long as it manages to keep up with new data. In other words, if you add 10GB of new data daily, and your computer is always connected to the network, 140Kbps performance is sufficient.

Hmm, mounting R2 with rclone is currently not working for me Rclone mount S3 Cloudflare R2 hangs - #2 by archon810 - Help and Support - rclone forum.

Speed of backup is irrelevant

I have 40TB of remote S3 data to back up and then 2TB monthly new files moving forward, so speed of backing up as well as restoring is definitely important to me.

I got rclone to work and sync to Drive as a test, but there are no snapshots that I love so much with duplicacy. I’m really hoping that the rclone mount + duplicacy will be a fine solution once I figure out why mounting is failing.