Backup Drive Crashed - how to restore encrpyted Duplicacy backup from offsite storge


I have a cloud backup of my Duplicacy backup solution of my local drive. The storage containers are encrypted and I do have the access keys. My local drive died and I have a replacement. How do I go through the restore from my cloud provider and then re-link Duplicacy to use the storage containers again?

When I restore the folder structure from my cloud provider to the same path location that was on the old drive, it says the storage container isn’t initialized. Is there a way to re-initialize the containers from the web gui?

Thanks in advance for your help!

You need to just add storage location the same way you created it originally (same bucket, same folder, same snapshot ID. ). Duplicacy will see that there is already config file present and read it instead.

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Probably dumb question. What if the user did not save the bucket, folder and snapshot ID names but only saved the password? This is something that could easily happen to me.

That’s pretty normal. I also only keep encryption keys in my password manager.

You should at least remember the provider name. E.g. Backblaze B2, Google Cloud, etc.

Then login via their web interface, (using their account recovery tools if that account information is lost too), and generate new set of keys for duplicacy.

Still in the the web interface or using other tools like Transmit or CyberDuck look at each bucket there and find folder which has snapshots, chunks, fossils subdirectories and config file inside. That’s duplicacy storage. Take a note of the folder name.

Then explore snapshots sub folder and look at sub folders there. Those are your snapshot IDs.


@saspus - WORKED LIKE A CHARM! Thank you very much! I suspect the name I was using before has some incorrect formatting - at any rate I tried your suggestion and it worked. Thanks for all your help.

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