Backup FROM cloud to local; possible?

So I just installed Duplicacy today and am trying out a few things. Ihave connected my OneDrive and GDrive accounts, and I also have a specific directory mapped from my local directory to the docker container (I’m using Duplicacy as a Docker in Unraid) so i can choose this directory in the Backup menu.

So my issue is that rather than backing up local file into some cloud storage, I would like certain file from OneDrive to be backed up in GDrive and also into a folder in my local server, where the docker is installed in.

But i can’t seem to do this, as when i go to the backup menu, I can only see my local directories which means directories on my local server. Does this mean I have to install the onedrive docker too, so that Duplicacy would actually then be able to access my OneDrive file, which is synced to my server?

I guess this isn’t possible. Anyway, I’ve just written a small batch script which runs from my windows VM task scheduler, and this backs up the file from OneDrive to my NAS filesystem, and also Google Drive, while appending the current date to the file for versioning. Works perfectly well for my needs now.

May put in some housekeeping routine in the future if needed. As for Duplicacy, may reinstall it next time if the need comes up.

Duplicacy isn’t a file-to-file backup tool, so it may be unsuitable for your needs…

However, if you want to take advantage of real backup features such as versioning, de-duplication, compression, and encryption etc… - it can still be done with Duplicacy; you just have to mount the source data somehow. e.g. with Rclone mount (which you could probably do via docker too).

This approach would be far more preferable to a scripted ‘sync’, which isn’t a true backup, as you’d be susceptible to ransomware and you wouldn’t be able to restore old versions or further back than 30 days.

Yup the key here would be to somehow mount those cloud providers as a local folder, to get Duplicacy to work for my needs.

Will reconsider in the future, as for now I just need this one file to be synced/saved/archived, and its working fine. Thanks for the response though!