Backup from multiple rsynced repositories

I’ve been using Duplicati, and just recently came across Duplicacy. It is a really exciting piece of technology. There are some neat things I’m attempting to do, but I thought I’d first check with more experienced users what I should anticipate in each case.

I have folders on multiple machines that are (instantly, always) kept in sync by rsync. However, file permissions, user/group ownership, and possibly other extended meta-data might be different. For the two scenarios:

  1. If I start duplicacy on machine1,

1a) the initial upload is interrupted, can I resume the upload from machine2? If so, do I gain by rsync-ing the .duplicacy folder to machine2 before resuming?

1b) the initial upload completes, can I do future backups from either machine1 or machine2 with indistinguishable results on the remote storage?

  1. I’m thinking of speeding up the initial upload by doing it on both machines, each responsible for a subset of SubFolder1–4 under my RealRepository. That is, I set up machine1's repository to contain SubFolder1 and SubFolder2, and machine2's repository to have SubFolder3 and SubFolder4. These are symlinks to the corresponding ones under RealRepository. Once the upload completes, I do a final round of backup by having all subfolders symlinked in. Based on my understanding of how Duplicacy works, the final upload should be very quick and use up little additional storage — is this correct?

I think these 2 statements could make saving file permissions a bit of a headache. I’m not sure though, it could also be that everything will still work w/o any issues. TIAS

You will also sync the .incomplete file, so i guess there’s some benefit, but not that much after the initial backup.

That’s a great idea!