Backup in past (with old date)

i have old backups made with different programs (rdiff-backup,bup,backuppc), and want to consolidate them in one place.
i investigating duplicacy for this (and for future backups),
can i restore old backup and then back it with timestamp when original backup is done ?

One more question, as github issues are disabled, can i assume bugs are reported here ?
(i cant find policy for reporting issues)

Jamil Djadala

I’m not aware of any option to set the timestamp of a snapshot. To migrate 10 years of CrashPlan backups to Duplicacy, I restored year-end snapshots of the oldest 7 years and quarterly snapshots of the last 3 years to repositories named something-archive, then backed these up to Duplicacy with -t YYYY-MM-DD to save the true dates of the old backups.

The problem this creates is that these archive snapshots must never be pruned because Duplicacy thinks they’re recent, there’s no prune option to explicitly exclude them, nor does prune allow multiple snapshot -id options – it will prune either all snapshots or just one. So you’ll need to run a separate prune command for each non-archive snapshot id in each of your backup storages (see Permanent backup/snapshot ids and revisions).

Be sure to test prune with the --dry-run option.

may be simplest solution is to backup them to separate storage and newer prune …

Placing all snapshots in the same storage enables chunk deduplication, which saves space.

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I guess one way to do it would be to write a script to iterate over the backup images, restore them, set the system time to the date it was backed up, backup with Duplicacy, repeat.

Personally, I’d probably do that in a temporary VM tho so as not to screw with your main system.