Backup keeps failing after changing source folder from drive letter to network path



I have multiple backups that run daily using the new web-ui and have run into issues when changing the source directory from Z:\Folder to \Network\Folder. I have done this for three separate backups. Two seem to be working just fine but the 1.8TB one always stalls to a halt and never completes. I see the MB/s as pretty high as it begins but it keeps dropping until it ultimately fails and I need to restart it.

Is there a log I can check to see why it keeps failing or is there some kind of repair I can run?


  • Duplicacy web-ui installed on a Windows 10 PC
  • Source data is stored on a Synology server
  • Target is Google Drive


What was the error message when it failed at the end?


I have seen something along the lines of “backup failed X hours ago” multiple times. I have also noticed it stalls out and just never does any work around 5% into the backup (no error displayed on the GUI). Almost all the files are already there so it’s not uploading any new information, just comparing the source to the target.


Can you post some log messages? Without seeing the logs I would guess maybe it was the rate limiting by Google that caused all the issues.


I am looking in the .duplicacy-web/logs folder but don’t know what you need to see. The latest log file doesn’t have any errors or anything. It’s actually stalling again but hasn’t failed yet.

For troubleshooting purposes I deleted the backup job and re-added it this morning and it has been running for over 12 hours now and is not even past 5% and is just slowing down. It hasn’t actually had to upload any new files though so I’m not sure what’s causing it to go so slowly.

Running backup command from C:\Users\Backup/.duplicacy-web/repositories/localhost/2 to back up \\DISKSTATION\backup
Options: [-log backup -storage Google-Drive -stats]

2019-04-09 11:14:06.106 INFO REPOSITORY_SET Repository set to \\DISKSTATION\backup
2019-04-09 11:14:06.106 INFO STORAGE_SET Storage set to gcd://Duplicacy
2019-04-09 11:14:09.650 INFO BACKUP_START Last backup at revision 19 found
2019-04-09 11:14:09.650 INFO BACKUP_INDEXING Indexing \\DISKSTATION\backup
2019-04-09 11:58:30.816 INFO LIST_ATTRIBUTES Discarding file attributes


Just wanted to update that I believe I solved this by completely wiping the program and re-installing it. Not sure what happened but that seemed to resolve all my issues.


I don’t know how reinstallation could help here. The log clearly showed that Duplicacy was still listing the directory \DISKSTATION\backup after 44 minutes when it printed the Discarding file attributes line, so it might be something else that changed.