Backup last occurred 5 days ago: "Invalid or expired license"

After upgrading my Synology diskstation, on which I run Duplicacy-Web 1.5.0 in a docker container, I just noticed that in the “Schedule” tab it shows “Invalid or expired license” next to each backup step. According to the logs the last backup was on March 25, so it’s not related to the upgrade, I just noticed it now.

I also noticed that “Echo $HOSTNAME” returns “DiskStation” instead of “diskstation”, so I changed the name on the license web page and restarted the docker container, but that didn’t help (so I changed it back).

When I go to the backup tab and click on the link next to my computer name (“diskstation”), it shows that I have a Lifetime Permanent License, but on the schedule tab it still shows “Invalid or expired license”. Reentering the activation code of my license also didn’t help.

How do I get my backups going again?

Can you check the log file ~/.duplicacy-web/duplicacy_web.log? There should be some error messages explaining what went wrong.

The log file showed some entries “Failed to request a license: renew”, but it now seems to work again, once I reentered the license code and ran a backup. Very strange behavior…

At least for now the issue is resolved.

I think I found out where the problem was. There is a bug in the license server where a permanent license isn’t handled correctly which caused this ‘renew’ error message to be sent back. However, this bug doesn’t appear on the code path when you enter the license activation code to activate the license so I don’t know why it failed for you on the first try (actually I only saw one activation request in the server log).

This bug has been fixed now.